Septic system installation and replacement- Fairbanks, AK

septic system installation and replacement fairbanks alaska

Straight Ahead Construction, LLC performs septic system installation and/ or septic system replacements in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our septic systems are sized for your homes capacity and registered with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. We take the topography, lay of the land, water wells, property lines and consideration for your neighbors into account when we plan your septic.

leach field Fairbanks AK

In Fairbanks, Alaska we can replace failed septic systems if you suspect your system has failed. Generally, septic water effluent backing up into your home is a symptom of septic system failure. Septic effluent back-up occurs because the leach field has collapsed or filled in with material so the effluent from your septic tank cannot exit into the leach field. In other words, the spaces between your leach rock (pictured below) fill in and are unable to accept effluent. Septic system failure does not occur at every location but leach fields tend to have a longevity of at least 12-15 years and hopefully you’ll never have to replace yours. Another reason septic systems can fail is if they are inundated with water. Homes along the river with poorly planned septics are prone to failure when the water table rises or due to flooding. Another reason a septic system can become inundated is if it is built on permafrost and the permafrost has been compromised. Permafrost septic issues are a whole different area. Read more about building on permafrost around Fairbanks, ALaska here. If you do need your septic system replaced see our Contacts and get in touch with a professional!

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