“…so patient and accommodating, so easy for me to talk to and collaborate with…”

“When my husband and I decided to remodel two bathrooms in our house at the same time, of course we wanted the job done well and in a timely manner. Everyone wants that. I also knew, given my personality, that it was going to be difficult for me to go through the remodeling process. I am a shy, private person, and it is very stressful for me to have people working in my house. I let Mike know this right away. I am not sure if he assigns crews to jobs based on how he thinks they will get along, or if I was just lucky and all of his crews are that agreeable. Everyone on the crews who worked at our house was so patient and accommodating, so easy for me to talk to and collaborate with on ideas and plans, and good at explaining to me what needed to be done and why. That alone is worth so much to me and would be a top reason for me to recommend Mike and his crews, but the work they did was also first rate and done on time. In Fairbanks, when you have to order large items and appliances, it can take 6-10 weeks for those items to get here, seeing as how they usually come the scenic route via ship. Mike urged me to get things ordered quickly so they would be here when the crew was ready to install them. He had the timing down just right for getting work done and ready as items arrived and needed to be installed. The master bath remodel featured on the website of Straight Ahead Construction is one of the two bathrooms Mike and crews did for us. It is obvious that their work is excellent. Both of our bathrooms are beautiful and functional. We are very happy with them.”

-S.S. Fairbanks, Alaska

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