Adding a new staircase to an existing home for elderly


Recently at Straight Ahead Construction LLC, a Fairbanks, Alaska general contractor, we were asked to fix a steep staircase that was poorly built and the stairs were not to code. The elderly couple required new stairs due to the falling hazard with their existing stairs.



A few measurements showed us the existing stair dimension could not meet commonly used residential stair code and we could not use this area to help with stair dimensions required for the elderly. We looked around for a place to build new stairs and found a spare room could afford the space for shallow stair.

building staircase with a landing

Stair stringers and landing…

framing stairs

Temporary treads were installed while the sheetrock was hung and finished.

trimming stairs

Here is the happy home owner with the finished product where we used a 3M anti-slip tape on the nose of the stairs.

build stairs for elderly

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