Are you or a loved one injured? We make ADA compliant bathrooms in Fairbanks, Alaska

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ADA Compliant Remodels

If you you or a loved one has been impaired by an accident or injury, we can modify your existing bathroom to meet your current needs. Meet with an expert today to discuss your options.

Aging at Home

As we age, it stands to reason that planning for being less mobile or other health complications makes sense. Modifying your bathroom before issues arise makes life easier when things get complicated. Make your bathroom accessible for injured and impaired people in your family and those that come after you. It will improve your standard of living and broaden the market for potential buyers when you sell your home.

Accessibility and New Home Construction  

A major component of Universal Design (UD) in home building are universal access bathrooms that allow residents to roll in to the shower if needed. Curbless showers are add and attractive modern feature to your home. Some clients ask if it is risky to not have a tub but here is what I think. When you are young you can adjust to situations easily, when you are older or injured you have no choice- you need access.

Universal Design  in new home construction provides universal access for injured, disabled, or aging family members or future residents before its needed. Plan your new home or remodel for universal access and simultaneously broaden the home resale market of potential buyers.


Here are a few examples:

Fairbanks Alaska ADA remodel

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