Mike Knoche is a licensed REALTOR with Magnetic North Realty and a member of the Greater Fairbanks Board of Realtors.

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I’ve been building and selling my own high efficiency homes in Fairbanks for over 15 years as well as building custom homes and remodeling all the while. I am now bringing my expertise to the Fairbanks real estate market. I know the builders and how the homes were built. Whether you are looking to buy a home or sell your current home, we can get straight to the point on how to get it done.

Please contact me to list your home or ask me to show you homes on the market in the Fairbanks area.

As a local builder and remodeler with over 20 years experience in Fairbanks, I have a good sense of what people want in a home. I also know and understand the systematics of the home, the foundations, what’s in the walls, and the red flags.

As your seller agent, I know what it takes to prepare your house for market and how to complete “inspection report” punch lists. I know what people want out of a home in Fairbanks, so it’s easy for me to focus my clients on what really needs to be done to get the house on the market and not get lost in the noise. Then, when it comes time to getting the fixes done before closing, I’m your man. I know the logistics, I know the tradespeople to get the work done, and I get it done ASAP.

As you buyer agent, I know what’s what in the Fairbanks, Alaska real estate market inventory. I know the builders, I know the techniques that were used in each era of building and I can see the red flags. It might take us a minute to find you a home, but rest assured, it’ll be a good one!

So ask yourself, “Do I want to work with a person who memorized answers to pass a test and get a realtors license or do I want to work with a person who passed the test and knows what the house I am buying or selling is made of?”

Thanks for the opportunity, I look forward to working with you!

Mike Knoche


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