Roof upgrade packages for Fairbanks, Alaska

roof upgrade Fairbanks ALaska

For Fairbanks, Alaska homeowners we offer roof upgrade packages that can include roof replacement, increasing attic insulation, and gutter/ snow stop installation.

We offer a variety of shingle colors and several options for roof lifespan. Read more about our shingle options here. Our metal roofs also come in a variety of colors and shape profiles from 5-rib to standing seam. In the case of steel roofing we also offer snow stops as an option. Read more about our metal roofing here.

When your shingle roof or metal roof has reached its age limit it might be time to check on the attic insulation in your roof as well. A surprising number of roofs that we replace in Fairbanks, Alaska are poorly insulated. Attic r-values of r-18 to r-30 are not uncommon on houses build here before the early 2000’s and are sometimes still being produced. According to the Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) any home in the sub-Arctic climate should have a roof with insulation values of r-60 or greater. Heat loss through the roof of a home is the most common place for losing heat but often the easiest and least expensive to mitigate. For this reason we offer competitive pricing and management of your roof upgrade needs. Call us at the number below to get a free quote for a new shingle roof or metal roof with an insulation upgrade!

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Another valuable upgrade is replacing or adding gutters to your home. Existing gutters can often be repaired unless they are plastic. If there are areas on your home where there are no gutters you may consider adding gutters. Gutters are necessary for a few reasons. The most important function of gutters is protecting your foundation from settling. As water falling from the roof is concentrated next to the house it can cause settling and damage to your foundation. Next, gutters protect your siding from moisture near the base of the home but also where one roof drops onto another. Some houses allow water to drop from one roof to another below where the lower roof has a gutter. This seems ok but its not. The splashing from the water dropping gets the siding wet and penetrates inward. Eventually the siding rots or rafter tails of the roof the water falls onto rots out as well. Let’s take a look at your situation together.

A final upgrade to your roof that can reduce maintenance are leaf guards in your gutters. Leaf guards keep leaves from accumulating in your gutters causing blockage and eventual overflow onto the ground below. Ask us about leaf guards when we meet at your home to assess your roof needs!